Meet Our Staff!


Owner | Founder | Back-End Developer | 3D Modeling | GFX Design

Been around in RSPS' for 8+ years, been around a lot of different servers and never really fell in love with one to stick with it for a long while, thats why I wanted to make my own. My goal for the server is to maintain and keep up with bugs, suggestions, and bringing the best experience for players that I, and my team can. I want a place where people can come and chill, have fun, make friends! I wanted to make an RSPS because I was tired of other servers having devs that stopped updating, staff teams that stopped interacting with the community, and just general neglect from the staff to players. Here at Sarin, we WANT to connect with the players, we want to hear their feedback, suggestions, we want to play along side them and grind, celebrate the rare drops, hype each other up and have a good time. - Mudkip



ive been playing RSPS for the past 5 years, and for the server to build the most comfortable community for all players, and to be apart of Sarin is nothing but a dream.